So you’re in trial, opposing counsel has their expert medical doctor on the stand, and you notice a gap in their testimony, something that doesn’t quite make sense. You remember from a previous report that what Dr. Smith just said isn’t accurate.

Impeachment launch commence… T-minus 10…. 9….

You look through your binder for the relevant report. It isn’t there.

8… 7…

You ask your trial partner to help search for it.

6… 5…

You both dig through your boxes of documents. Nothing there.

4… 3…

You ask your assistant to email you a copy.

2… 1…

You realize this courthouse doesn’t have a printer for you to use, so you can’t use the document.

Mission abort; impeachment failed. Go home, everybody…

Losing or scrambling for documents is the absolute last thing you want to worry about during trial, which is why I recommend using the assistance of an Orange Legal trial technician. A trial technician’s job is to take the mass quantity of documents and exhibits you have for your case, upload them into their case management software, and have it ready to present at a moment’s notice. As an added bonus, anything stored in the software will also be printed out for you in organized trial binders, making it simple to quickly find any document you need to discuss. Not only will you have quick and easy access to all documents you need for your case, but your trial technician will have all the AV equipment necessary to quickly display it to the entire courtroom for enhanced review as well. So remember, to avoid the headaches during trial, request the assistance of an Orange Legal trial technician.

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