Trial Technology

Trial technicians are the pinnacle of trial presentation support. Using trial-management software, all case documents are archived, organized, and Bates-stamped. During trial all you need to do is reference the Bates number of the case document you want, and it will immediately be displayed on televisions or projectors for easy follow-along by the jury.

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Audio/Visual Support

Orange Legal trained and certified A/V specialists arrive at trial with everything necessary to display any media you have relevant to your case. We come with all the hardware necessary to play and display anything you may need, including laptops, DVD players, ELMO document cameras, big screen TVs, projectors, iPads, and more.

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Demonstrative Exhibits

Demonstrative exhibits are the quickest and easiest way to physically display your point. By utilizing demonstrative exhibits, you will instantly elevate your credibility by physically showcasing documents or a point of focus in real-time, rather than mentioning abstract reference points. Demonstrative Exhibits are detrimental to building your case.

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