Trial Technology
Trial Technology

Trial Technology

Sharpen your litigation presentation with trial technology. We'll analyze your case and design a customized presentation to express facts, complex concepts, and major case themes.

Trial Technology

Sharpen your litigation presentation with trial technology. We'll analyze your case and design a customized presentation to express facts, complex concepts, and major case themes.
With the growing use of computer graphics imagery (CGI), multimedia is becoming more of a valuable asset in the courtroom every day. With that, technology has surpassed using whiteboards and laser pointers during a trial. Legal Video and Trial Technology allows for clients to display their case with a visually appealing approach. Multimedia usage and presentation software presents exhibits in a comprehensible format.

Maximize your opportunity to persuade the jury and win the verdict with the assistance of Orange Legal’s trial technology team. Converting your trial into a visually engaging presentation increases a juror’s attention and provides additional credibility to your case in the courtroom.

Orange Legal’s trial technicians excel at exhibit management, audio-visual support, and graphic design. Utilize these services during opening, examination, and closing to demonstrate your client’s stance and win over the jury.

Trial Technicians

Trial Technicians
Trial technicians are the pinnacle of trial presentation support. Using Orange Legal trial-management software, all case documents are archived, organized, and Bates stamped. We implement the most advanced techniques to enhance your case and ensure a smooth and efficient presentation during trial.

Trial Technicians

  • Hot seat operator
  • Case management and organization
  • Bates stamping & trial binder creation
  • On-site designations and redactions
Trial Tech Level 1

Audio/Visual Support

Orange Legal’s trained and certified A/V specialists arrive with everything necessary to display any media relevant to your case. We come with all the hardware required to play and show anything you may need, including laptops, DVD players, ELMO document cameras, big screen TVs, projectors, iPads, and more.
  • Playback hardware
  • Computer plugins/adaptors
  • Document camera
  • TVs and projectors

Audio Visual Specialist

Simplify courtroom playback and forget technical difficulties. Display videos, images, and documents with ease!
  • Laptop, iPad, or DVD Player
  • TV or projector and screen
  • ELMO document camera
Trial Tech Level 2

Preparation and Presentation

  • Includes level 1 support features
  • Trial presentation software
  • Case management
  • Trial consultant

Trial Consultant

Assists attorneys by preparing documents and technology for your case, organizing into binders, and operating software at trial.

Level 2 benefits

  • Bates stamping
  • Trial binders
  • Instant document display
  • Direct focus with highlights, zooms and tears, and signifiers
  • Exhibit comparison
  • Play full videos and create clips

Demonstrative Exhibits

Demonstrative exhibits are the quickest and easiest way to display your point with visually stimulating material and are essential to help build your case. By utilizing demonstrative exhibits, you will instantly elevate your credibility by showcasing documents or a point of focus in real time, rather than mentioning abstract reference points.
data visualization

Data Visualization

Charts, graphs, and infographics display proportions, comparisons, and trends to create clear, comprehensible visuals.

illustrations and animations


Our team can recreate events using infographics or animations and can display how the events unfolded to provide clarity to your case.

Trial Boards

Trial Boards

We utilize trial boards to print images, demonstratives, and documents to be displayed to the jury, allowing you to discuss key features.

Trial Animations


We use tools such as 3D printing and video to display what a deposition cannot by recreating physical objects or surveying a scene.

Data Visualization graphic
Medical Diagram Illustration
High Quality Animations
Budget Friendly Animations
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