Legal Video 

Video Depositions:

Preserve the testimony and emotion of a deposition through video. Playing a video deposition for the jury is much more effective than simply reading the paper transcript.

Picture in Picture (PIP):
Want more than the standard “head-in-the-box” video deposition? Enhance your deposition using our Picture-in-Picture technology, which allows you to show the witness and the exhibits simultaneously on screen at the same time. We digitally capture the video of the witness and then import a high resolution version of your exhibits onto the screen. Unlike picture-in-picture methods other companies use, we never cut the video, so the integrity of the witness’s statement stays intact the entire time.

Day-in-the-Life & Settlement Videos:

Words cannot truly show the pain, heartache, and difficulties your client faces on a daily basis. Using these documentary-style videos are the best way of putting others in your client’s shoes. Great for opening statements in trial, settlements, and mediations.


Slip-and-fall, vehicle damage, laboratory testing, home inspection or any other type of inspection or review can be captured in high detail, revealing video. Let the jury experience the inspection for themselves.

Video Synchronization:

Watch your video simultaneously with the transcript, similar to subtitles or captioning.  Synchronized transcripts make searching your transcript fast and simple. You can easily create video clips of your depositions by highlighting key phrases from the testimony. They can be imported into the trial software of your choice or email them.

Video Editing:

Whether you need designations, redactions, video enhancements, still images pulled from video or you just want a story told, we can quickly produce a professional quality product. Give a smooth, high quality look to your courtroom presentations and multi-media projects.

Other Video Services:

  • Medical Examinations
  • Video Wills, Prenuptials, and Adoption Signing
  • Video Enhancement
  • 3D Animation and Renderings
  • Re-enactments
  • Construction Documentation
  • Time-lapse Multi-Camera Seminars and Lectures


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