eDiscovery with Logikcull and Orange Legal

Orange Legal is now utilizing the power of Logikcull for our eDiscovery. This is the first in a two-part series detailing a bit more about the capabilities of Logikcull and how it can save you so much time, money, and frustration.

How does Logikcull Help My Small or Mid-Sized Law Firm with eDiscovery?

Your firm probably deals with a plethora of discovery matters. Even if you only do a small number of cases per year, a normal motor vehicle injury case can generate thousands upon thousands of pages of medical records, insurance documents, emails, you name it — and that is just eDiscovery. We haven’t even gotten to the hard copies yet.

You need a product that can keep those documents in one place, that can be used by all the members of your firm (or even clients!), that is intuitive, that is safe, and that is cheap.

Pfffft, you think, slumping back in your chair. Good luck with that.

That’s why Logikcull was created — to fill that gaping hole in the market.

What is Logikcull?

Logikcull is an eDiscovery product that works in a browser-based platform, which means it is in the cloud and can be shared with as few or as many people as you need. It’s as easy to use as Amazon’s shopping site, and because you have presumably shopped on Amazon, you already know how to use Logikcull. The browser’s drag-and-drop features, carousel, and filters are second nature to you at this point because so many other websites already use them. That means you don’t need to sit through tutorials and beginner’s seminars (though they are available if you want to use them).

Even though Logikcull is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean it is any less safe than its competitors. In fact, this product is used by Fortune 500 companies, top law firms, and the United States government. Logikcull is backed by AWS, which is top-ranked in the business.

Documents for discovery can be dragged or uploaded, instead of scanning them endlessly into the program. Then, you can view them directly within the screen and leave notes for coworkers or clients, tagging them with emails. Those emails bring that person directly into the program to that very document. Everything is clean and streamlined, and culled documents can be neatly set aside in a separate folder for later review.

Searches can also be saved for Discovery, as well as search history. These can be directly downloaded for sharing with opposing counsel.

How is Logikcull Priced?

The program is a flat rate with no hidden fees. Your firm will get what it wants — no tiny print, no addendum, no nonsense.

  • BAND 1: 0-3 GBs: $250/matter/month
  • BAND 2: 3-6 GBs: $500/matter/month
  • BAND 3: 6-9 GBs: $750/matter/month

Here at Orange Legal, we believe in using time and money wisely. If that sounds good to you, contact us today to get started.

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