Audio Visual Support


If you don’t know what any of these letters mean, you’re not alone. They are all different file formats for videos, transcripts, and images you may need for your trial.  Unless you know what software opens which type of file, you may be left a sitting duck during trial in front of the jury.

To avoid being left dead in the water, leave the technology questions to the pros and bring an Orange Legal AV specialist with you to trial.

Perhaps you have been in a court house and they did not have DVD player, TV or Projector you needed. Make sure you have the technology you need with Orange Legal Audio Visual Support services. Orange Legal AV specialists appear at trial with a high-powered laptop built and designed to open any video, transcript, or image you have. Simply hand us the flash-drive or disc and sit back while we handle the rest. No more worrying about why the surveillance video won’t play or why you can’t open the MRI discs (like you did a dozen times back at the office); with our AV specialists, you’re covered from beginning to end.

In this dynamic and ever changing technological landscape make sure you are ready for trial with Orange Legal’s Audio Visual Support services.

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