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Additional Services We Offer

  • Court Reporting Services

    Court Reporting Services

    Our court reporting services have been assisting clients in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami for over 22 years. The court reporters of Orange Legal are experienced, professional, accurate, and span the entire state of Florida.

  • Transcription Services

    Transcription Services

    With over 20 years of experience and expertise in legal transcription, Orange Legal offers transcription of depositions, administrative hearings and court tapes which will always arrive on time. We can work from all media formats.

  • Legal Video

    Legal Video

    Video testimony is immensely powerful because it captures the drama of words, statements and personal expression, tone, inflection, timing, body language and demeanor – all tools to help you strengthen your case. Even more powerful than the video is our assurance of quality.

  • Speech-To-Text (STT) Service

    Speech-To-Text (STT) Service

    Our remote STT service is an excellent tool you can employ to ensure that all individuals, including those with disabilities, can fully participate in proceedings.

  • Records Pickups

    Records Pickups

    HIPAA Compliant Record Retrieval Services: Orange Legal is an industry leader in HIPAA compliance. Our records retrieval personnel are armed with the rules and regulations needed to obtain your records from hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies and insurance companies nationwide.

  • Conference Rooms

    Conference Rooms

    Why travel? Save time, money, and lots of frustration with Orange Legal!

  • Court Interpreters and Translators

    Court Interpreters and Translators

    If you are holding a bilingual deposition or even a multilingual deposition, conference or event and need a foreign language court interpreter, our interpretation services can help you break through any language barrier.

  • Case Management and Complex Litigation

    Case Management and Complex Litigation

    With a combined management experience of over 150 years in the complex or multi-party litigation arena, which includes workers’ compensation, construction defects, intellectual property, divorce, entertainment, and multi-jurisdictional matters, the team at Orange Legal is both capable and committed to providing you with all the services you need to handle any and all of your litigation needs—without a hitch!

  • 24/7 Online Repository

    24/7 Online Repository

    Reporter Base Web Services: Orange Legal provides access to Orange Online, powered by RB Web, the most sophisticated and secure court reporting Web site system available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clients.

  • Internet Depositions

    Internet Depositions

    In an internet deposition, the videographer and court reporter are synchronized. The video and synched transcripts are sent over the Internet to a remote location to be viewed live by any interested party you approve.

  • Orange Legal Process Service

    Orange Legal Process Service

    When serving legal documents on individuals and businesses, you can rely on Orange Legal to make sure the job gets done expeditiously.

  • Legal Staffing

    Legal Staffing

    Orange Legal places lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and support staff in direct-hire and temporary positions all over the state of Florida. We provide the most qualified hire by screening prospects and tailor-fitting them to suit your specific needs.

  • Legal Marketing

    Legal Marketing

    Grow your Business with Legal Marketing! Increase revenue by re-evaluating your company’s image.

  • Mediation Services

    Mediation Services

    Orange Legal can arrange mediations that help minimize the gap that can separate people from settling a legal case. We have neutral mediation locations available and experienced staff to ensure smooth negotiation.

  • Full-Service Trial Technology

    Full-Service Trial Technology

    At Orange, our full-service trial technology team's ultimate goal is to strengthen the position of our clients’ cases by focusing on what makes each case unique. We specialize in developing compelling multimedia pieces that sharpen your litigation presentation.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

    No more coast-to-coast travel for meetings and depositions! Schedule your next meeting, deposition, or conference using our state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment.

  • FREE* Mobile Transcripts

    FREE* Mobile Transcripts

    Now you can receive your transcripts on your mobile device, FREE*! If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry and would like to receive your transcripts on the go, call us!